Achievement Program

The AP is a system of requirements for demonstrating a superior level of skill in various aspects of our hobby. It covers not only building various types of models, but also building other things which are important to the hobby, such as scenery, structures, track work, and wiring. It also recognizes service to the hobby and the NMRA, which are important as well. Use the links on the right to explore the different certificates and requirements. (Description courtesy of the NMRA AP webpage.)

Please contact NER Regional AP Manager Bill Brown if you have any questions.

William (Bill) Brown, MMR

6002 Singletree Lane

Jamesville, NY 13078

Phone: (315) 454-2516


Achievement Program Information and Forms.

These files have been copied directly from NMRA.ORG on 2/12/12. As always, check the NMRA home site to make sure you have the most recent forms.)

NMRA - AP Complete Program File.pdf  2.2MB


This file is inclusive of all AP information. It contains all the files listed below. IF you download the Complete Program File there is no need to download any of the files listed below.

Individual Program Files

All of the files listed below are included in the Complete Program file listed above.

NMRA - AP Introduction.pdf  516 KB

NMRA - AP Definitions.pdf   111 KB

NMRA - AP FAQs.pdf   127 KB

NMRA - AP Golden Spike.pdf   98 KB

NMRA - AP Author.pdf    139 KB

NMRA - AP Cars.pdf    115 KB

NMRA - AP Civil.pdf    143 KB

NMRA - AP Dispatcher.pdf   164 KB

NMRA - AP Electrical.pdf    156 KB

NMRA - AP Motive Power.pdf  127 KB

NMRA - AP Official.pdf   98 KB

NMRA - AP Prototype.pdf    139 KB

NMRA - AP Scenery.pdf  152 KB

NMRA - AP Structures.pdf    119 KB

NMRA - AP Volunteer.pdf   205 KB

NMRA - AP MMR.pdf    86 KB