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Officers - Board of Directors - Appointed Positions

Office - Elected



NER President

John Doehring

NER Vice-President

Robert Dennis

Past President (De Facto)

George (Scooter) Youst

NMRA Eastern Director

Bob Hamm, MMR

Northern Area Director

Larry Cannon, MMR

Sourthern Area Director

Kevin Katta

Eastern Area Director

Gerry Covino

Western Area Director

Ed O'Rourke


Office - Appointed



NER Secretary

Jeff Paston

NER Treasurer

Roger Oliver

NER Office Manager

Mark Harlow

Membership Committee Chair

Mike Bowler

NER Convention Chairman

Dave Insley

NER Convention Registrar

Gerry Covino

NER Convention Treasurer

Gerry Covino

NER Model Contest Chairman

Kenneth May

Contest Chief Judge

Andy Clermont, MMR

NER Photo Contest Chairman

Kaylee Zheng

Achievement Program Chairman

William (Bill) Brown, MMR

Opsig Coordinator

Al J. Oneto

NER Coupler Editor

Chris Carfaro

NER Webmaster

David Abrames