About the NER

About the NMRA

The National Model Railroad Association is the largest organization devoted to the development, promotion, and enjoyment of the hobby of model railroading. The NMRA was founded in 1935 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in order to provide a service to the hobby of model railroading.


About the North Eastern Region

The North Eastern Region (NER) NMRA is a part of the National Model Railroad Association.

The NER serves the northeastern United States including all of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont as well as parts of New York, New Jersey.  The NER serves Canada in Quebec, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.


The NER Executive Handbook contains the NER By-Laws and Governing Regulations

NER Executive Handbook - Full Handbook


NER Annual Meeting Minutes

2018 Annual Meeting Minutes

2017 Annual Meeting Minutes

2016 Annual Meeting Minutes

2015 Annual Meeting Minutes

2014 Annual Meeting Minutes


NER Board of Director Meeting Minutes

NER BOD Minutes 09-30-18 (Draft)

NER BOD Minutes 07-22-18 (Approved)

NER BOD Minutes 06-10-18 (Approved)

NER BOD Minutes 03-11-18 (Approved)

NER BOD Minutes 02-18-18 (Approved)

NER BOD Minutes 01-21-18 (Approved)

NER BOD Minutes 01-07-18 (Approved)

NER BOD Minutes 09-17-17 (Approved)

NER BOD Minutes 07-16-17 (Approved)

NER BOD Minutes 03-19-17 (Approved)

NER BOD Minutes 01-15-17 (Approved)

NER BOD Minutes 10-16-16 (Approved)

NER BOD Minutes - 7-17-16 (Approved)

NER BOD Minutes - 5-15-16 (Approved)

NER BOD Minutes - 3-8-16 (Approved)

NER BOD Minutes - 1-5-16 (Approved)

NER BOD Minutes - 9-29-15 (Approved)


NER Treasurer Report

Treasurer Report - June 2017

Treasurer Report - June 2015

Treasurer Report - June 2014

Attachments to June 2014 Treasurer Report


Officers - Board of Directors - Appointed Positions

NER President  (Elected)

John Doehring

Canadian Director (Elected)

Steve McMullin

NER Vice-President (Elected)

Robert Dennis

Connecticut / Rhode Island Director (Elected)

Steve Erickson

Past President (De Facto)

George (Scooter) Youst

Long Island / NYC Director (Elected)

Kevin Katta

NER Secretary (Appointed)

Chip Faulter

Massachusetts Director (Elected)

Barbara Hoblit

NER Treasurer (Appointed)

Roger Oliver

New Jersey Director (Elected)

Robert Dennis

NER Office Manager (Appointed)

Mark Harlow

New York State Director (Elected)

Ed O’Rouke

NER Convention Chairman (Appointed)

Dave Insley

Northern New England Director (Elected)

James Van Bokkelen

NER Convention Registrar

Gerry Covino - Conv. Registrar (Appointed)

NER Coupler Editor

Jeff Paston

Roger Oliver - Conv. Treasurer (Appointed)

NER Webmaster

David Abrames

NER Model Contest Chairman (Appointed)

Kenneth May

Opsig Coordinator (Appointed)

Alfred (Al) J. Oneto

Andy Clermont, MMR - Chief Judge

Achievement Program Chairman (Appointed)

William (Bill) Brown, MMR

NER Photo Contest Chairman (Appointed)

William (Bill) H. Barry



Updated: 2018-03-21