Northeastern Region Conventions

Our Conventions have a Dual Purpose

Our principal purpose is to provide an educational venue whereby our members can increase their knowledge of the many aspects of model railroading. Conventions bring together region members, which creates an environment where a tremendous exchange of useful information can take place and also allows us to share the fellowship which is the cement that binds the NMRA, the Northeastern Region, and the hobby together. Convention participants attend to share their common interests, modeling techniques and collectively solve problems. Layout tours, modeling and technical clinics and operating sessions make up the core of this effort. 

Our second purpose is to permit the members to gain knowledge related to the many prototypes on which the hobby of Model Railroading is based. This may include prototype rail clinics and operation, railroadiana and prototype tours. It can even encompass other model railroads, as these illustrate to us what their builders know of the prototype. Since both of these aspects of the hobby are equally important, it is important for the convention staff, both region and local, to ensure that there is a good balance between model and prototype. 


In order that all region members have opportunity to attend and participate in a convention program, each year the convention is sponsored by a different division in a different geographical location in the region. This also that a division does not have to volunteer to prepare and execute a convention program more often that about once each ten years. 

The value of conventions cannot be overstated. The sharing of railroad and model railroad information, the enjoyment of fellow model railroaders sharing their talents and skills can result in making friends for life. 

Plan to attend a convention near you and join in on the fun!


2024 - Surfliner Long Beach
Long Beach, CA
August 4 - 11, 2024


NorthEastern Region Convention

Rochester, NY
September 19 – 22, 2024


March 18-21, 2024