The Model Showcase is a display only exhibit. Many folks are not interested in participating in a judged event, even if it is Popular Vote. Some may want to share a partially completed model if there was some particularly difficult and tricky modeling technique involved. Others may simply just want to share some of their models.

The People’s Choice is a popular vote exhibit. Convention attendees are the judges and they will vote for their favorite model in four categories:

  • Motive power
  • Rolling stock
  • Structure
  • Display

Certificates for first, second and third in each category will be awarded.

The Judged Model Contest is a judged exhibit. Models are entered in nine categories:

  • Locomotive—Steam
  • Locomotive—Other
  • Traction
  • Passenger car
  • Freight car
  • Caboose
  • Non-revenue car
  • Structure
  • Display

The Contest Chair will assign judges to one of five teams. Each team will judge all the models in the contest for one of five factors: construction, detail, conformity, finish and lettering, and scratchbuilt. The chairman then will calculate the total score for each model and rank them both overall and by category. Winners will be determined by total score.

Certificates for first, second, third and honorable mention will be presented.

The Photo Contest is a judged exhibit. Photographs are entered in six categories:

  • Prototype Print—B & W
  • Prototype Print—Color
  • Model Print—B & W
  • Model Print—Color
  • Working on the Railroad
  • Panoramic Print.

Certificates for Best in Show, first, second, third and honorable mention will be presented.

The Model Contest presents four Special Awards.

  • A new award, sponsored by the Lakeshores Division is the Harold Russell Award and is given for the structure model with the highest point total.
  • The Sunrise Trail Division gives The Sunrise Trail New Modeler Award for the model with the highest point total for a first time modeler.
  • The Hub Division gives the Hub Award for the model with the second highest point total.
  • The Baldwin Trophy is awarded as Best in Show for the model with the highest point total.

If you wish to participate in the Celebration Room, bring your model(s) or photo(s) to the convention with you. Check the convention schedule to determine what day and time the Celebration room opens.

Each model and photo will require an entry form, the NMRA Form #901. Models entered into the Judged Model contest only will also require NMRA form #902. It is helpful to the staff and will save you time if you prepare those forms in advance. These forms help the celebration room staff keep track of all the models and photos.

Model & Photo Contest Winners

2022 Windsor Report2022Photo Contest
2022 Windsor Photo Report2022Photo Contest
2021 Photo Contest2021Photo Contest
2021 Model Contest2021Model Contest
2019 Model Contest2019Model Contest
2018 Model Contest2018Model Contest
2017 Model Contest2017Model Contest
2016 Model Contest2016Model Contest

Special Awards

Hub Awards

Harold Russell Awards

Sunrise Trail New Modeler Awards

Baldwin Trophy Awards

2021 Fall Baldwin2021Baldwin Trophy
2019 Fall Baldwin2019Baldwin Trophy
2018 Fall Baldwin2018Baldwin Trophy
2017 Fall Baldwin2017Baldwin Trophy
2016 Fall Baldwin2016Baldwin Trophy
2015 Fall Baldwin2015Baldwin Trophy
2014 Fall Baldwin2014Baldwin Trophy
2013 Fall Baldwin2013Baldwin Trophy
2012 Fall Baldwin2012Baldwin Trophy
2011 Fall Baldwin2011Baldwin Trophy
2010 Fall Baldwin2010Baldwin Trophy
2008 Fall Baldwin2008Baldwin Trophy
2007 Fall Baldwin2007Baldwin Trophy
2006 Spring Baldwin2006Baldwin Trophy
2006 Fall Baldwin2006Baldwin Trophy
2005 Spring Baldwin2005Baldwin Trophy
2005 Fall Baldwin2005Baldwin Trophy
2004 Spring Baldwin2004Baldwin Trophy
2003 Spring Baldwin2003Baldwin Trophy
2003 Fall Baldwin2003Baldwin Trophy
2002 Spring Baldwin2002Baldwin Trophy
2002 Fall Baldwin2002Baldwin Trophy
2001 Spring Baldwin2001Baldwin Trophy
2001 Fall Baldwin2001Baldwin Trophy
2000 Spring Baldwin2000Baldwin Trophy
1999 Spring Baldwin1999Baldwin Trophy
1998 Spring Baldwin1998Baldwin Trophy
1998 Fall Baldwin1998Baldwin Trophy
1997 Spring Baldwin1997Baldwin Trophy
1997 Fall Baldwin1997Baldwin Trophy
1996 Fall Baldwin1996Baldwin Trophy
1995 Spring Baldwin1995Baldwin Trophy
1995 Fall Baldwin1995Baldwin Trophy
1994 Spring Baldwin1994Baldwin Trophy
1994 Fall Baldwin1994Baldwin Trophy
1993 Spring Baldwin1993Baldwin Trophy
1993 Fall Baldwin1993Baldwin Trophy
1992 Spring Baldwin1992Baldwin Trophy
1992 Fall Baldwin1992Baldwin Trophy
1991 Spring Baldwin1991Baldwin Trophy
1991 Fall Baldwin1991Baldwin Trophy
1990 Spring Baldwin1990Baldwin Trophy
1990 Fall Baldwin1990Baldwin Trophy
1989 Spring Baldwin1989Baldwin Trophy
1989 Fall Baldwin1989Baldwin Trophy
1988 Spring Baldwin1988Baldwin Trophy
1988 Fall Baldwin1988Baldwin Trophy
1987 Spring Baldwin1987Baldwin Trophy
1987 Fall Baldwin1987Baldwin Trophy
1986 Fall Baldwin1986Baldwin Trophy
1985 Spring Baldwin1985Baldwin Trophy
1985 Fall Baldwin1985Baldwin Trophy
1984 Spring Baldwin1984Baldwin Trophy
1984 Fall Baldwin1984Baldwin Trophy
1983 Spring Baldwin1983Baldwin Trophy
1983 Fall Baldwin1983Baldwin Trophy
1982 Spring Baldwin1982Baldwin Trophy
1982 Fall Baldwin1982Baldwin Trophy
1981 Spring Baldwin1981Baldwin Trophy
1981 Fall Baldwin1981Baldwin Trophy
1980 Spring Baldwin1980Baldwin Trophy
1980 Fall Baldwin1980Baldwin Trophy
1979 Spring Baldwin1979Baldwin Trophy
1979 Fall Baldwin1979Baldwin Trophy
1978 Spring Baldwin1978Baldwin Trophy
1978 Fall Baldwin1978Baldwin Trophy
1977 Spring Baldwin1977Baldwin Trophy
1977 Fall Baldwin1977Baldwin Trophy
1976 Spring Baldwin1976Baldwin Trophy
1976 Fall Baldwin1976Baldwin Trophy
1975 Spring Baldwin1975Baldwin Trophy
1975 Fall Baldwin1975Baldwin Trophy
1974 Spring Baldwin1974Baldwin Trophy
1974 Fall Baldwin1974Baldwin Trophy
1973 Spring Baldwin1973Baldwin Trophy
1973 Fall Baldwin1973Baldwin Trophy