Ed O’Rourke—July 2022

Retirement has allowed me and Judy to travel quite a bit more than we could when we were employed full time. The deal is that I will go wherever she wants, which usually involves a quilt shop or two, as long as I can finagle something train related into the trip. It goes both ways: […]

Ed O’Rourke—Nov 2021

Welcome to the Northeastern Region of the NMRA! We are a very active Region, with a lot going on at both the Region and the Division level. If you are new to the NMRA and/or the Region, you will want to find out about what is going on in your local Division. I urge you […]

John Doehring—Last Message

We write this summer with renewed optimism – after the extraordinary, pandemic-influenced year of 2020. As discussed in our previous report, the unexpected end to so many in-person group gatherings (monthly meetings, quarterly meets, regional and national conventions, ops sessions, and train shows) changed almost everything about our social hobby experience. Still, this wasn’t all […]