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Welcome to the home page and website of the Northeastern Region of the NMRA. The NER is in the process of completely revamping and updating our website. So please check back here often for new info and updates. If you have any suggestions or ideas to be added to the the website, please contact the by clicking the Webmaster link at the bottom of any page.


John Doehring

NER President


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The NER Election is HERE!!!

 The NER Election is not available here on the NER website.  To participate, you have to be a member of the NMRA in good standing (current on your Dues) and a member of the NER Region.  You will be voting for the Offices of President of the NER Region, Vice-President of the NER Region and 4 (four) NER Directors at Large.  The Divisions of the NER Region have been gathered into 4 groups; Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western; a Director is assigned to each group of Divisions.   The Divisions are grouped as follows:


Northern Director Eastern Director

Eastern Canada Division

Hub Division

Seacoast Division

Little Rhody Division

Alouett Division

Nutmeg Division

Green Mountain Division

  Western Director
Southern Director

Hudson Berkshire

Metro North Division

Central New York

Sunrise Trail Division

Hudson Valley

Garden State Division

Lakeshores Division


To access the The Ballot, Login in below using the UserID and Password that was e-mailed to you.

 To review the Candidate Biographies click here --> NER CANDIDATES (BIOS)

 Each member will be allowed to cast one vote and the voting system only reports the results of the voting as an aggregate total of the votes cast for each candidate.  The Ballot allows for write in votes by choosing from the list of NER Members.

If you have any questions please contact you’re Division Superintendent, the Election Committee or the NER Webmaster at


NER Ballot