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Welcome to the home page and website of the Northeastern Region of the NMRA. The NER is in the process of completely revamping and updating our website. So please check back here often for new info and updates. If you have any suggestions or ideas to be added to the the website, please contact the by clicking the Webmaster link at the bottom of any page.


John Doehring

NER President


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NEW --- NER Election Page --- NEW

 The Board of Directors of the Northeastern Region has approved the addition of an Elections Page that will be available this year for the upcoming Election of Officers. This new page will allow the NER to save significant funds by not having to hire a third party company to manage our elections.  This Election Page will appear on the Main Menu once all the details are configured.

 The NER Webmaster, David Abrames is working on creating Member accounts so that eligible voting members will be able to log into the Election page to securely cast their ballot.  Once the election is concluded membership information will be removed from the NER website to protect our Member's information.

 Each member will be allowed to cast one vote and the voting system only reports the results of the voting as an aggregate total of the votes cast for each candidate.  The Election Page also allows for write in votes by choosing from the list of NER Members or writing in a candidate name.

 Each member will be notified by email that their account is ready and they can log onto the Election Page.  Each member will have a User ID that is the first initial of their first name and their last name all in lower case characters.  For example:


Member Name: David Abrames

NER User ID: dabrames

You initial password will be your NMRA Membership Number. Each member will be allowed to change their password if they desire.  The Election Page and User accounts should start rolling out the last week in June.


The ONLY information that will be used in creating your NER Election account will be your first and last name, the User ID that is created, your current email address we have on file, and your NMRA Membership Number.  No other information will be collected or stored on the NER website.  So we ask that you make sure your email address is correct in your NMRA Membership account.

For NER Members that do not have email or are unable to vote using the Election Page, the Election Committee will be able to provide you with a paper ballot.  We encourage all NER Members that can use the Election Page to do so because this will greatly reduce the cost of the NER Election, and improve participation in the election process.

If you have any questions please contact you’re Division Superintendent, the Election Committee or the NER Webmaster at


Thank you

David Abrames

NER Webmaster